Training and Workshops


Current Workshops and Seminars

  • FROM TRIGGER TO TARGET - An introductory overview of ballistics, including basic definitions, types of projectiles, mechanisms and armors. (5 hours*)
  • UNDERSTANDING ARMOR MATERIALS - This overview includes modules on ferrous technology (steel), light metals (aluminum/magnesium/titanium), and ceramics. (5 hours*)
  • FRAGMENTS AND FRAGMENTATION - An introduction to fragmenting munitions and their effects. Guidance on interpreting fragmentation data and understanding the use of fragment simulators. (2 hours*)


Designed to Meet Your Needs

We can provide customized workshops and training seminars in armor design, materials research, ballistics principles, and data collection and analysis for kinetic energy projectile defeat.

Our workshops may be tailored to the needs of both small and large groups. The training can be presented at our Maryland offices, conveniently located near Aberdeen Proving Ground, or we can come to your group, anywhere in the world.

Other workshop topics may be available. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

bullets and projectiles

Additional Information

Intended audiences include engineers, scientists, and technical managers. Content may be adjusted for either advanced audiences or newcomers to the field of ballistics and armor technology.

* Because our workshops and training seminars are customized for you, times listed are approximate.